Monday, September 29, 2008

The Start

Most people wont believe this but its true, i'm officialy writing a blog. well when i found out tht even the redi walla chotu has his own blog.......i thought its high time, if chotu can do it so can i.
this summer suddenly all my friends started writting blogs. this went to the extent tht they wont even talk directly on phone or face-face. for e.g.

Q. hey man, how was ur summer?
A. dude, read my

well u see now how imp it was for me to start one. otherwise i had nothing to share wid others, not even my summer.
hey wait, i didnt started this blog to talk abt my frnds......i started it for............hmmmmmmm...........well i dont know for what i started this post. but while writting i'm getting an idea. Through this i can tell ever1 how i think, feel and live. Hence all those who ever wished to be like me now is ur chance<0>.
this blog entitled 'Being Me' shall be a story abt me by me and well as far as i think for me.
all those interested can write comments and let me know and wit till my next post.

p.s.: hope to see u again in this lifetime