Thursday, October 2, 2008


'nice guys finish last' is a common relationship paradigm that we hear. this is the topic of my new post. not the statement, i think a lot has been said abt it and the world does not need another nice guy complaining abt it. hence this post would concentrate on the whole relation game and commitment rules.

recently i read a blog commenting on this very old issue but in a modern way. it reflecte my whole life an made me ponder on wether it is the nice guys or girls who are at the bottom of the pyramid.

why do guys always luv to go after girls who r not interested in them. wht abt the ones who always remain 'just friends' with u n never let u down, supports u and cheers u up when ur dreamgirl fails to notice u. remember the girl who sat behind u in the class and supplied u with stationary so tht u could lend it to the one sitting in front. remember the girl who did ur homework so tht u could help in doing someone elses. remember the girl who lend u her history notes when u sat in the class brooding abt the girl who never even looked at u once.

WHY, are we guys like tht? wht does it makes us, nice or a complete a**? why do we never unerstand tht there might be sumbody equaly interested in us as we might be in them. they say 'love is blind' but wat abt it being deaf and dumb, why does it never speak, hear or understand?

wht are we dealing with, a beautiful angelic experience or unjust, monstrous expression. well people hav devoted centuries on this question, finding true meaning of love. well if u find it o let me know, till then 'keep luving'