Thursday, December 2, 2010

Never Give Up

I am a doll for play,
Or do the words you said didn't mean anything.
Are words only words,
Or is it meant to kill me as time go by.
Am I nothing , or the world made me feel like I am nothing.

Will the days pass by and go brighter
Will I ever find someone, someone to call my own
or was i meant to be alone.

This world brought me down;
crashed me to the floor and stomped on me.
Let me down, turned its back and walked away;
To leave me lay on the cold hard ground to die alone.

I am no longer afraid;
I can 'pull myself together!'
Wished it were that easy, Wished they understood,
But I Know I'll reach heaven
Now that I have Braved Hell.

Yet, when my quandaries are more than I can bare,
I can at least take comfort in those who really care.
You know who you are, and so do I.
That knowledge keeps me from going over the edge, from giving up and giving in.