Saturday, November 8, 2008

November Rain

before u reach 2 ne conclusions let me tell tht this post of my mine is not abt the song so Guns and Roses fan srry to disappoint u all. well it also not abt sum rainy day i experienced in November as u know I'm still not at tht stage of writing, but I'm certainly enjoying it. May be sumday I'll publish my book. well in tht case i shuld start preparing for an acceptance speech for Booker's prize or may be Nobel. hey, wake up delusional am i.
well coming back to our topic, as u might hav notice up till now tht my blogging is pretty rare like a rain in November, and today happens to be November, hence i thought of this title.
well, this time i am not talking abt ne issue but jus the experience i had over oasis and Diwali. this October was total fun, well at least the second half. I know, I know it is not going to interest u all but I've nothing else 2 write abt.
Oasis was a blast and i mean it. though it started with a slightly sluggish inaug but the performance by an BITS alumni band, 'not yet over the hill' made up for it. it consisted over some bigshot dudes in their 50's trying to relive their 20's an they sure rocked. i personally love the name more than the performance. for slow minds out there, it means tht they have still not peaked in their lives. the stalls were awesome, dominos was back.....again :(, but the rolls joint godlevel. this oasis brought k.k. an euphoria to our campus and they certainly created hysteria among ppl. hey, i even got to meet BANI (ya tht right, the one in the roadies show on MTV). though i didn't see much of the competitions but street dance was awesome. after tht i had to leave for Delhi. but nothing to be sad abt coz the fun had jus begun.
it was my bro's engagement, it was a big affair for the family, the first one for our generation. so fun not so much but lots n lots of work, though i found out ways to avoid n the best way is to pretend u r taking videos and are keenly interested in it(ya I'm a genius). but i have no complains i enjoyed a lot. the whole khandan had gathered and i being the nxt in line was definitely the center of attention. but every good thing has to end and this one too did.
it was November again and i was back in pilani where a bottomless pit of test awaited me and i stepped right into it and the funny part is i wasn't forced. well no regrets, jus hope i come back flying.