Monday, December 22, 2008

a walk thru time

well i hav not developed a time machine yet neither am in a mood for it. but if u do come across one do let me know. well coming to the topic, current defence conditions developed in our country has left all of us in a shock an sorrow. we all shuld o something to help our society improve and as i'm a writer, i write about the history and birth of it all.
Lets start with a small history lesson. as a country, India can surely get a medal for begin the nicest of them all. in our history of thousand years India has never initiated a war against any country. all we did was to protect our land and our pride.
Since the partition in 1947 India and Pakistan have been in a constant struggle for control over certain regions which now belongs to India. earlier there were 2 wars but they retorted to method which would later would undoubtedly the most inhuman in the history of mankind.
'jihad' is a Islamic term given to a battle or a struggle done to protects one's religion i.e. a war wage in the name of GOD. it was first used by the Muslim rulers of the great ottoman empire which rose as a downfall of the Byzantine empire(a small leftover of the great roman empire) but the funny thing is, it was not the Islamic empire tht started these wars rather the Christians. Richard, the lion heart, a British warrior started the crusades against the king Saladin who a conquered then Constantiople (now Istanbul), a religious place for both the cultures. later religious leaders and priest later formed organisations like 'knight Templar' to carry on the crusades.
well coming to the 20th century terrorism. it started in India around 1991, there were earlier instances of it but terror activities geared up after the fall of east bengal. during the 90's various terror outfits recruited young innocent guys who were unemployed or poor and brainwashed them. back then they were just trained how to use a gun but later these outfits evolved into a commando trained terror armies. coming to the modern terrorist, he is not someone with a long beard or red eyes neither they look different then me or you, just walking the wrong way. some of them are victims of international politics while some just mislead.
now u might be thinking wht good have i achieved by writing this. well good part is yet to come.
i dont know whether these young guys belong to some country or r 'non state actors' but it is my appeal to everyone around the globe, plzz dont do things just because someone told u it is for the greater good, ending thousands of innocent life is not something tht GOD would approve. the change begins with u and me, so ppl stop sacrificing urself and others just because some guy says tht it will guarantee ur place in heaven. heaven is not up for booking guys.
let peace be.

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